10 years since 2007 !
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We are manufacturing 100% on the modern  technology of Hosokawa Alpine – one of the rare German technologies in Vietnam. The ball mill system and a classifier of 4 wheels, the dust collector with the air flow speed of 3000 m3/h, ensure the high quality with exact and stable particle size  of product from client to client, from order to order for years.

After entering the machine, the classifying air flows through the 4 classifying wheels in centripetal direction. The classifying wheel extracts the fines and conveys them to the dust collector. The bigger particles rejected by the classifying wheel gravitates downwards.

The modern control system of Siemens on the Hosokawa production line permit us to work on a touching screen. The process-technological know-how is channeled into process automation and settled for a high precision on the result.

Our products  meet right as the guaranteed specification and are widely appreciated by the industries high demanding in whiteness, brightness, glossiness, smoothness …of the final product as well as the stability in quality of product.