Successful Organisation of 2017 Annual general meeting of MTM JSC

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Successful Organisation of 2017 Annual general meeting of MTM JSC

   The 2017 Annual General Meeting of MTM JSC was successfully held on 7th May, 2017 in Vinh city, Nghe An province.
We were pleased to welcome the sponsors : Vietcombank – Vinh Branch, Vietcombank – Ha Tinh Branch, the visitors and all of the shareholders and members.
   At the Meeting, the Board of Directors was elected and composed of : Mr. Truong Han – Chairman of the Board, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoan – Vice-Chairman, Mr- Pham Van Chuong – Board Member.
   All the members attending the event listened to the annual audited Financial Report, the Income Statement, the 2016 Business Report and Business Plan for 2017.
1.Regarding Business Report of 2016 :
-Annual Production : 44.824 MT – Increase 123% over 2015
– Sales volume (in MT) : MT – increase 124,4% over 2015
– Revenue (in VND) : 81.833 Million VND – Increase 110,7% over 2015.
– Profit before taxes : 7.703 Millions – increase 168,85% over 2015.
2. Regarding 2017 Business plan :
– Annual production : 70.000 MT – increase 155% over 2016
– Sales volume ( in VND) : 100.000 million VND – increase 120% over 2016
– Profit before tax : 12.000 Millions – increase 155% over 2016
– Net profit/ dividend rate : 15%
– To continue to invest in Calcium carbonate mine
– Completing the crushing mill
– Investing in the Calcium Carbonate Chip size production lines and the calcium carbonate powder Chinese production line.
– Maintenance of Raw Material Collection Yard
At the Annual General Meeting the shareholders approved the following items :
1. Selecting Vietnam Auditing and Valuation Company limited as the auditor for MTM 2017 Financial Statement.
2. Investing in MTM office construction and woven bag production line
3. Planning to obtain Hanoi stock exchange listing (HNX)
4. Plan of dividend payment 2016 at rate of 15 % and by Cash
Giving a final speech, The Chairman – Mr. Truong Han thanked the Banks, the Partners, the Investors for their long term support and collaboration and thanked employees for their contribution in the development of company over the years and for the forthcoming time.
Some pictures of MTM 2017 Annual General Meeting :

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